KEMROC Spezialmaschinen GmbH


Cutter attachments are our passion

With more than 20 years’ experience, we develop and manufacture cutter attachments for excavators and backhoe loaders.

Our attachments are robust and strong with main components made in Germany.
Attention during production and assembly guarantees the highest level of quality and reliability. KEMROC cutter attachments work reliably and efficiently in almost any material.
Steel, concrete, rock, wood – wherever KEMROC cutter attachments are used, material is removed safely and accurately.

Together with our customers, we are constantly developing new solutions for demolition, construction, and mining applications. Challenge us! We guarantee specialist information and professional service for our products. Our international team of specialists will be happy to support you with your individual project.


Responsibility for the nature and humankind

Within our company we attach great importance to frankness and a working atmosphere of esteem for each other. Safety and health at work are much more important than economical and profitable objectives. Environment-conscious acting is not only an entrepreneurial duty during the work for the society for us but also a prerequisite for being and staying economical efficient and profitable and also competitive. That’s why we encourage the environmental awareness of our employees and their responsible relation and dealing with resources and funds.

Fairness and tolerance

We entered into and are still absolutely fair to all the competitors because we don’t break the rules of competition. We have a high opinion of and observe all principles, don’t tangle up with the law, customs and rites of every country we work in. For us are equal opportunities very important and we are totally against every sort of discrimination nevertheless on account of sex or a religious controversy.

Demands for quality

With the quality of our products and service we are beholden to the satisfaction of our costumers. The costumer is the most important staff in our enterprise and only his contentment can be a guarantor for our success – that’s what we are absolutely conscious.


We know that the worth of our company is not depending only on entrepreneurial features. Appreciation is also a good reputation and first of all: trustfulness. Our employees get regularly information about the situation of our work and important decisions of our company.


Long-term thinking and responsible acting

To the head principles of our company belong: long-term thinking, efficiency and participation of the staffs in the success of the enterprise. Thinking and acting entrepreneurially means for us to “decide”, “to form”, “to take the responsibility for”, “to develop further”. That every staff of our company can take the responsibility in this sense – KEMROC is offering jobs with different assignments and the widest possible competence.

We are growing but in the long-term and qualified way – not for everything.


Qualified, self-responsible working, team spiritual and motivated employees

The quality of our employees is
the bottom of our success. Their involvement – also after work, their self-responsibility and creativity are marking the worth of KEMROC – to the inside and to the outside.

The working method of our employees is leaded by self-responsibility and entrepreneurial thinking. Our staffs stand by KEMROC. They are employed, involved and very committed, are efficient working and orientated by highest quality, and at least they are ready to develop themselves and to improve permanently.

The staffs working for KEMROC should feel free in finding any solutions and achieving anything and reaching any aim. They should be curious, creative, dynamic and team spiritual. On their scale of values are standing
on top: frankness, orientation on costumers and (business) partners, enthusiasm for anything new and a respectful behaviour towards everybody.


Long lasting growing

A lasting increase in value of our enterprise demands long-termthinking and acting. List of successes therefore are earning power, innovative products and service, yields in the line with market requirements and secured old and new working places. We would like to increase our sales returns steadily and to come over the customary average. We do not want to do everything. We are highly concentrated on our main competence and in that we belong to the best. Internalization For reaching the aim – to realise a good turnover and growing we use the chances of globalization and will extend our business abroad.


For reaching the aim – to realise a good turnover and growing we use the chances of globalization and will extend our business abroad.


Innovative products are essential for a steady growing and the opening up of new markets. That’s why we yearly invest a big part of our profits in the development of new – and also in the improvement of existing products. We are cooperating with other companies and with universities. That is the way innovation could be the growth stimulation – that’s our theory of economic growth. The acknowledgement of our company model is for every KEMROC employee a very important condition for reaching and also for the way of reaching our aims. We would like to act in every situation and every function worldwide with these objectives and we would like to create the future of our company together.