Façade milling with precision

KEMROC EX 60 HD surface milling attachment

Offset cutter drums leave no gaps

KRC range of innovative drum cutters from KEMROC

Saving time dressing natural stone

ES 110 HD universal attachment with cutter wheel

KEMSOLID – a new subsidiary of KEMROC

Expertise in civil Engineering.

SMW cutter wheel on a 16-ton excavator

Expanding Highspeed Broadband Network.

KEMROC cutter attachments

Cutting technology for tunnelling, Using a KEMROC EK 140 chain cutter.

Expansion at its location in Hämbach

KEMROC getting bigger on all Levels.

New Autobahn A44 – Tunnel Trimberg

Milling limestone blocks to size, Using a KEMROC ES 60 universal cutter where precision is required

Autobahn Junction Saarlouis

Dismantling a bridge, piece by piece, Using a large excavator and a KEMROC cutter wheel

PPP Project “A3 Steigerwald Autobahn“

Trenching in sandstone. Fast and accurate using a KEMROC chain cutter