Offset cutter drums leave no gaps

KRC range of innovative drum cutters from KEMROC

Saving time dressing natural stone

ES 110 HD universal attachment with cutter wheel

KEMSOLID – a new subsidiary of KEMROC

Expertise in civil Engineering.

SMW cutter wheel on a 16-ton excavator

Expanding Highspeed Broadband Network.

KEMROC cutter attachments

Cutting technology for tunnelling, Using a KEMROC EK 140 chain cutter.

Expansion at its location in Hämbach

KEMROC getting bigger on all Levels.

New Autobahn A44 – Tunnel Trimberg

Milling limestone blocks to size, Using a KEMROC ES 60 universal cutter where precision is required

Autobahn Junction Saarlouis

Dismantling a bridge, piece by piece, Using a large excavator and a KEMROC cutter wheel

PPP Project “A3 Steigerwald Autobahn“

Trenching in sandstone. Fast and accurate using a KEMROC chain cutter

KEMROC KSI injection attachment

Effective diaphragm wall for a retention basin. Cost effective solution using a standard excavator