Model EK 15

Chain Cutters


Recommended excavator weight1.5– 3 t
Rated power15 kW
Recommended rotation speed140 rpm
Recommended oil flow15 – 30 l/min
Maximum oil flow at 10 bar40 l/min
Maximum operating hydraulic pressure250 bar
Maximum torque at 380 bar600 Nm
Maximum cutting force at 380 bar5,195 N
Maximum uniaxial compressive strength15 MPa
Drum cutter length (A)557 mm
Cutter head width (B)370 mm
Cutter drum diameter (C)231 mm
Width of gearbox (D)370 mm
Weight90 kg
Number of picks in cutter drums48 pcs
Number of picks in the cutter chain29 pcs
Standard pick 1)ER 16/29/25/14 C