Model EK 220

Chain Cutters


Recommended excavator weight50 – 70 t
Rated power220 kW
Recommended rotation speed40 rpm
Recommended oil flow420 – 550 l/min
Maximum oil flow800 l/min
Maximum operating hydraulic pressure400 bar
Maximum torque63,000 Nm
Maximum cutting force126,761 N
Maximum uniaxial compressive strength140 MPa
Drum cutter length (A)2,400 mm
Cutter head width (B)920 mm
Cutter drum diameter (C)994 mm
Width of gearbox (D)900 mm
Weight6,000 / 6500 kg
Number of picks in cutter drums44 / 60 pcs
Number of picks in the cutter chain58 pcs
Standard pick 1)ER 25/80/80/38 S