The experience gained from many years of cutting rock has gone into the design of the cutter wheels, drums and chains. They are designed to give maximum cutting performance with minimum wear costs.

Well proven cutting technology

When grinding with round attack picks, each tool penetrates into the rock along parallel paths and breaks material out from the space between the paths.

The cutting rate depends to a large degree on the uniaxial compressive strength of the rock being cut. Other significant factors affecting production rates include the hydraulic pressure and flow that the excavator is able to supply to the attachment, as well as the stability and weight of the excavator.

The selection of picks and boxes, as well as the design of the pick pattern, are part of our continuous product improvement.

Attachments for all trench sizes

Trenching attachments from KEMROC provide options for trench widths from 4 centimeters.

Dimensions trench width and trench depth in mm.

Rental park

We rent excavator-mounted milling machines and auger boring equipment.


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